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Warning: Getting a job as a podcast VA will get you to learn and be inspired while working!

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Turn your hobby intro profit! Hop in the booming industry of podcasting! Help different people whether like service-based providers or even hobbyist launch and manage their podcast.
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Course Description

You will learn the end-to-end production of a podcast, from editing audio, writing show notes, doing social media for podcast, getting guest for podcast and more! This course is continuously evolving as we get to add lessons batch by batch based on what’s new in the podcasting world.

If you want a job that will that will help your personal growth alongside earning a high salary then this course is for you.

Pre-requisite but not required:
  • A basic understanding of what a podcast is.
  • Basic knowledge how to edit an audio or a video is a plus.
  • Basic knowledge of Canva is a plus.
  • Laptop specs: At least i5 processor and 8gb ram is a plus
What you’ll learn:
  • Benefits of having a podcast in a business
  • What is a podcast VA?
  • How to edit a podcast
  • How to write episode description and show notes
  • Social Media Promotion for Podcasts
  • How to find guests
  • How to launch a podcast (Week by week play on how to launch a podcast, Equipment recommendation, Setting up a podcast name, Writing a show description, Making a cover art, Music selection support, Setting up hosting site, Publishing podcast to platforms)
  • How to find clients
  • How to make your portfolio
  • How to make a proposal
  • How to get experience as a newbie
  • How to check podcast metrics
  • Pricing suggestions for your offer
  • How to create a system you can use for your clients
  • And more!
This course is specially design for:
  • Newbies (zero experience and knowledge)
  • Podcast VA who wants to elevate their skills and work output based instead of hourly.
  • Video and audio editors who wants to add podcast management as their service.
  • Graphic designers who want to add doing podcast cover art as their service.
  • Social media manager who wants to serve podcasters.
  • Writers who want to serve podcasters; Writing episode descriptions, newsletters, blog posts for podcasts.
  • Anyone who want to start their own podcast.
  • Anyone looking to get a job or career in Podcasting.
  • This course is for people who want to start a high paying part-time or full-time podcast management business from home.
Job Description:
  • Audio Editing
  • Write episode description/show notes
  • Writing newsletters
  • Social media management
  • Creating reels for podcast
  • Creating cover arts for podcast
  • Blog management for podcast
  • Guest management for podcast
  • Launching a podcast
  • Managing a podcast
  • Video on how to edit podcasts
  • Audio to practice editing
  • Graphics to practice audiograms
  • Portfolio template for podcasting
  • Proposal template for podcasting
  • Discord group for support, new learnings and job opportunities
  • Unlimited assistance
  • You will get your own life time ProVA Member’s Dashboard and get unlimited access to our FAQ, Tools and Resources, Live Recorded Video Training, download certificates and our Featured Kwentong ProVA section can serve as a source of inspiration.

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