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Lead Generation and Email Marketing

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Course Description

Lead generation is critical to business success, because all customers start out as a lead before they decide to buy. If you want to make any idea a successful one, you're going to need some outside help. Whether it's finding customers or just expanding your contact list, cold emails are the way to go. In this easy-to-follow course, we're going to focus on building a lead generation campaign that will grow your business, your network, and your opportunities.

Pre-requisite but not required:
  • Willingness to learn
  • Basic computer skills are preferred
  • Excel or Google sheets basic knowledge
What you’ll learn:
  • Introduction to Lead Generation
  • How to do Lead Generation
  • Type of Leads (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Linked In Profile Optimization
  • Linked In Lead Generation
  • Data Scraping and Webscraping
  • Email Verification
  • Sample Job Task and Activities
  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Setup
  • Email Marketing Tools and Platform
  • Discover New tools
This course is specially design for:
  • Newbies (zero experience and knowledge)
  • Anyone looking to get a job or career in Lead Generation
  • Salespeople that want to generate high-quality leads every month without cold calling
  • This course is for people who want to start a high paying part-time or full-time job from home.
  • Anyone who wants to generate business leads.
Job Description:
  • Working in support of the business development and marketing teams, you will be tasked with sales support data collection; researching prospective clients in order to provide new and validate existing information on the clients CRM database.
  • Find out information about prospective clients (by phone, online, social media). Source the names of the “Decision Makers” clarify and confirm addresses,contacts, email and phone numbers.
  • Schedule-based unlimited assistance
  • 5 hours live training
  • Unlimited replay Live Recorded Video Training
  • Certificate of participation/training
  • Sample cover letter for job application
  • Free sample guidelines on how to create online resume and portfolio
  • You will get your own life time ProVA Member’s Dashboard and get unlimited access to our FAQ, Tools and Resources, Live Recorded Video Training, download certificates and our Featured Kwentong ProVA section can serve as a source of inspiration.

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