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General Virtual Assistant

Unlimited step-by-step guides to help you become a professional virtual assistant, get a high-paying VA position, choose your best niche and find clients you enjoy working with.

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Working as a virtual assistant is so rewarding; you get to help entrepreneurs who align with your values and be their right hand, helping them fulfill the dreams they never thought possible.
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Course Description

If you want to learn more about your ideal client, how to find your ideal clients through a variety of tried-and-true methods, how much to charge for your services, and how to start and grow a successful Virtual Assistant business, so you can work from home and have more of a work-life balance! then this course is for you.

This course includes live video training as well as downloadable resources, sample interviews with different niches, online job profiling, and demonstrate examples of some content from the real world.

This course is designed to help you gain an edge by teaching you how to create a profitable business as an online assistant.

Pre-requisite but not required:
  • Come with an eagerness and willing attitude to learn! This course has a lot to offer.
  • Knowledge and ability to use a computer
  • Basic English Communication Skills
  • Knowledge and ability to use online technology (browsers, chrome extension, software installation, microsoft office, collaboration platforms, email, cloud storage, etc.)
What you’ll learn:
  • Course Introduction
  • Technical skills that qualify you for high-paying positions should be highlighted on your resume.
  • Acquire the digital competencies that both large corporations and small business owners seek in a virtual assistant.
  • Templates, workbooks & resources
  • Common Interviews with different niches
  • How to set goals for growth and keep track of them
  • Learn about the most mistakes first time VA's make and how to avoid them.
  • Learn how to handle the responsibilities that are asked of you the most often.
  • Learn how to look for and apply for positions as a virtual assistant.
  • Virtual Assistants who are searching for the most efficient business tools.
This course is specially design for:
  • Newbies (zero knowledge and experience)
  • Some experience in a business office setting
  • Grad or Undergrad (Elementary, Highschool, College)
  • Virtual Assistants who have recently started their businesses and are looking for their first paying client.
Job Description:
  • Respond to customer emails, appointments, and phone calls.
  • Make cold calls using a provided spreadsheet to generate leads.
  • Develop content for the organization's social media channels.
  • Conduct online research to locate the addresses and contact information for the businesses on a given list.
  • Prepare presentations and reports in accordance with provided instructions.
  • Ability to manage a calendar and schedule appointments
  • Marketing, advertising, and public relations expertise
  • Skilled in data entry (Perform word processing duties)
  • Collect and organize information for statistical analysis
  • Train and supervise other administrative personnel
  • OLJ Profiling
  • Common Interviews
  • Schedule-based unlimited assistance
  • 5 to 7 hours live training
  • Unlimited replay Live Recorded Video Training
  • Certificate of participation/training
  • Free Premium Courses
  • Sample Cover letter for job application
  • Free sample guidelines on how to create online resume and portfolio
  • You will get your own life time ProVA Member’s Dashboard and get unlimited access to our FAQ, Tools and Resources, Live Recorded Video Training, download certificates and our Featured Kwentong ProVA section can serve as a source of inspiration.

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